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XL Doors may reach the maximum measurement of 3500 x 8000 mm  of opening, in a single skin. They reach the maximum thickness of 120 mm and their pivot system supports up to 1000 kg. They have a double sealing system, ensuring total waterproofing around the entire perimeter of the door. This is possible thanks to the use of Q-LON technology, an imported high-performance material, present in the main frames in the world.

What are the main benefits?

• 100% aluminum structure.
• 100% ACM outer coating.
• Sealing around the entire perimeter of the door.
• Upper and lower automatic sealing system.
• Sun and rain resistant.

• Up to 15 years painting warranty.
• Low maintenance.
• Modern design.
• Outfitting manufactured in 304 stainless steel.
• High technology and durability.

Itens de série da sua porta

• With outer handles or pocket handles.
• Semigloss or Metallic colors.
• 100% aluminum door skin structure with reinforced profiles.
• 4mm thick ACM plate (inner and outer) with PVDF Topcoat 70% and 0.3 mm aluminum foil (inner and outer).
• Doorstop with system for leveling fit (see availability of use of casing).
• Pivot in stainless steel 304 with ball and roller bearings for loads from 150 to 1000 kg.
• Double auto-seal (eliminates top and bottom crevices).
• Q-LON across the entire height of the skin and doorway (eliminates side crevices).
• Security lock from 4 to 24 locking points (depending on door size).
• 3 keys with computer encoding.
• External handle (black, polished or brushed), 1500 mm.

Outfitting available (prices upon request)

• Stainless steel 304 handles from 1500 to 5000 mm.
• Digital locks (Smart Lock).
• Spy hole.
• Pivot with Soft Close (Fritsjurgens).

Colors available (prices upon request)

• Solid / Woody / Special.

Models e Handles

Door with EXTERNAL handles

NOTE: External handle in 304 stainless steel, price upon request. *Models 013 e 015 have special price.

Door with POCKET handles

Pocket handle, price upon request. *Models 024 has special price.

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