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Your personality starts at the front door

Felipe Xavier Lima, Projetta Alumínio founder. Graduated in Control and Automation Engineering at Faculdade Politécnica de Uberlândia, the young man from São Paulo started his professional career when he was only 18 years old, when he did an internship as mechanical designer. With technical ease to visualize, draw, understand and create projects in 3D, he soon stood out and also worked as mechanical designer until get to project management. After graduation, he joined the business of frames, when had his first contact with ACM doors.

With the entrepreneurial spirit in your veins, Felipe always aspired to be businessman and owner of his own business. With market growth for about 10 years, young man decided to develop solutions in ACM-skin doors, after a conversation with the largest ACM manufacturing and sales company in Brazil.

The sentence “No matter how, no when, no where, I’ll make it happen” is the motto of this young entrepreneur who started his own business together with a friend. where he acquired a large experience, as he worked in production, development, marketing and sales, these being carried out door to door in order to offer and show his product, still new on the market.

Therefore, after a period of time, with just 23 years old, Projetta Alumínio was born in 2013, with only two employees, and the company has worked with frames for some time. With full support from his family, mainly his father, Mr. Otílio, all energy and efforts were devoted to the ACM doors.

Recognition was also emerging and was responsible for courses regarding the manufacture and installation of ACM swing doors in 2018 and 2019, when he invested company capital to show the product to the market and create an important networking.

After the experience, there was the growth in the national and international markets, where the company operated in more than 30 countries, such as United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, USA, Canada, Argentina, France, Australia, Switzerland, among others. Currently, the company is a benchmark in these markets, being large-span doors, with more than six meters in height, its greatest specialty.

The boldness and the desire to bring innovations to the market makes the partnership a bet for future, besides being a benchmark in quality and development of new technologies, inspiring young people to dream and carry out their projects.

Weiku do Brasil lives and is inspired by making dreams come true. And Projetta by Weiku arises from the union of the two great brands arises.

We are waiting for you!

Our products are installed in Brazil and in several countries around the world.

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Our Mission

To expand the ACM door market in Brazil and take our products to the four corners of the world.

Our Vision

Always be ahead, being a reference in the world market in aluminum doors - presenting new products, variety of models, quality and technology

Our Values

Transparency, innovation, creativity and quality.