Swing Doors

Getting to know the product and its advantages

Used in Brazil for over 20 years, the doors with a swing system are ideal to be installed at the entrance of houses or apartments – adding aesthetics and elegance to any type of design. In this system, a part of the door is designed for the exterior and another for the interior, which allows the choice of larger models, with a much bolder and modern design.

One of the great advantages of swing doors is that all their weight is on the lower pivot. Thus, the weight limitation existing in the traditional system, which uses hinges, is eliminated. In addition to its elegant axle system, the pivoting system is built into the doorway and attached to the bottom and top sides of the door, hiding the hardware and providing a more modern look – different from the traditional system where hinges are visible.

Swing doors are also easier to install compared to traditional doors. The existence of two support pivots provides a perfect fit for the doors. The higher your door, the greater the feeling of space given to the environment.

The internal structure of the doors is all aluminum – noble material, light and resistant. Our outfitting is manufactured in 304 stainless steel (screws, pivoting system and locks) making our doors resistant to sun, rain, rust and wear over time.

What are the main benefits?

• 100% aluminum structure.
• 100% ACM outer coating.
• Sealing around the entire perimeter of the door.
• Upper and lower automatic sealing system.
• Sun and rain resistant.

• Up to 15 years painting warranty.
• Low maintenance.
• Modern design.
• Outfitting manufactured in 304 stainless steel.
• High technology and durability.